Sta. Catalina
The Vegetable Bowl of the North
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Sta. Catalina, Ilocos Sur, Philippines
  Latitude: 17.57  Longtitude: 120.38
  Today's Weather (Fri, 21 Nov 2014 11:01 pm PHT)
  Sunrise: 6:05 am  Sunset: 5:19 pm
  2-day Forecast
  Fri21 Nov 2014  [High: 85F Low: 74F - Mostly Clear]
  Sat22 Nov 2014  [High: 86F Low: 76F - Mostly Sunny]
  Sun23 Nov 2014  [High: 87F Low: 75F - Mostly Sunny]
  Mon24 Nov 2014  [High: 87F Low: 75F - Sunny]
  Tue25 Nov 2014  [High: 87F Low: 75F - Mostly Sunny]
  These are a just a few external links to known Sta. Catalinian websites. For submissions of new-found sites, blogs and other resources for StaCatalina.Org, please feel free to email us at this address: or SMS/text this number: 0905 397 7085.
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  1. Plectrum Band in Sta. Catalina 1. Rabe Family
  2. Cooking Sta. Catalina Chop Suey 2. Rapanut Family
  Blogs Social Networks
  1. Howie Severino (GMA-7) 1. Mr. Satur Reg
  2. Barry Cyrus Viloria 2. Miss Aurea Rabanal
  3. Allan Francis Oandasan 3. Miss Jennifer Majan
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Sta. Catalina, Ilocos Sur, Philippines - The Vegetable Bowl of the North